Consultation and Master Planning

Wison Engineering is a leading provider of Energy & Chemical EPC Services and Technology Integrated Solutions. We are experienced in providing services ranging from industry park planning, project financing, consulting/feasibility study, process design package and front-end engineering design, to EPC and commissioning/start-up.


Wison Engineering has a long history in servicing petrochemical, coal chemical, oil refining and related fields. Our senior engineers and technical experts have deep understanding of project planning and consulting acquired will serving other clients in the industry with the same type and similar size of projects. Therefore. we can provide you with valuable advice from the investment opportunities research, project proposals, feasibility studies, project application reports or project life cycle to help you solve problems.

Wison Engineering’s experts can research and analyze the aspects of engineering, technology and economy according to the needs of the clients as well as consider market demand and supply.  We can then recommend the project scale, technological route, supporting projects and equipment selection, in addition to providing environment impact assessment (EIA).

Master Planning

Complex energy and chemical projects involve many technical and non-technical challenges, especially in determining the feasibility of the project which needs to consider the impact of technological, economic, environmental and social factors.  At the same time, project approval and financing often require the approval of stakeholders from a non-engineering background. The master planning team consists of experts from the entire life cycle of the project, carefully considering the project's relevant impact factors in the planning process, developing project solutions, and transforming complex project concepts into a clearly communicated project vision.

Case Study

Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd

Project Name:9×200 KTA ethylene cracking furnaces project

Contract mode:PC

CNPC Sichuan Petrochemical Co.

Project Name:10,000 KTA refinery/800 KTA ethylene integration project

Contract mode:EM+PC