Digital Solution



Engineering Design Digital Integration

Since 2013, Wison Engineering has applied digital design in its projects in Xinjiang. According to the requirements of the project design, a working platform for design data integration was gradually built. The design drawings are stored in data form and co-design is carried out.  Wison Engineering has further developed and improved the outsourced software platform with its own resources, aiming to improve its shortcomings in tools, condition tables, data import, seed file customization etc. The re-development effectively solved communication and coordination issues among disciplines and ensured data interaction. The platform can achieve design collaboration, automatic data verification and synchronized updating, multi-disciplines modeling, one-click drawing and other functions. It has greatly strengthened Wison’s capability in meeting the clients’ digital design requirements.

Cloud3D Visual Platform

In order to allow clients and engineers to understand the design work and check the 3D model, Wison has developed a lightweight 3D visualization system Cloud3D, which gives a simplification of the 3D design system model with a large amount of design data and complex operation. The complex and abstract data information is transformed into a 3D model that can be displayed online on your PC, Pad, mobile phone and other devices, which greatly facilitates the design verification. Wison Engineering‘s Cloud3D visual platform based on advanced lightweight 3D display engine technology, integrates the company’s latest digital 3D design achievements and realizes the 3D visualization collaboration platform based on the Internet, which enables all parties of the project to conduct the information search and collaborate based on 3D visual platform in the form of first person roaming.

Digital Purchasing

Digital procurement can substantially increase procurement efficiency and can provide the decision maker with a comprehensive view of risk reduction, enhance compliance, and eventually increase the management and control of the project supported by the procurement department. Based on process automation, Wison Engineering’s project procurement team provides data support for the plant’s supply chain optimization through the digital project delivery to help our clients apply digital operation and maintenance in the plants.

Digital Project Delivery

The engineering work carried out by the 2D and 3D digital design systems allows data integration and collaboration during the design process. At the same time, the design documents, purchasing and manufacturing information, construction and installation information are correlated by the system in line with clients’ requirements and may be transferred to the clients upon request.  Wison Engineering has completed digital delivery on many large petrochemical projects in China and has provided clients with vital data foundation for achieving digital plant operation and intelligent manufacturing.

Case Study

Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd.

Project Name:1,000 KTA ethylene plant/polyurethane industry chain integration project

Contract mode:EP

Nanjing Chengzhi Clean Energy Co., Ltd

Project Name:100 KTA butadiene plant

Contract mode:PDP+EPC+Catalyst