Wison Engineering's procurement team consists of qualified personnel with vast experience in petrochemical, coal chemical, refining industry knowledge and equipment materials procurement, supervision and logistics. With a deep professional technical background and cost analysis capabilities, Wison Engineering provides customers with the most optimized solutions with a global perspective and a combination of cost-effective Chinese manufacturing resources. Through strategic cooperation, framework agreement, centralized procurement, on-site procurement and other diversified flexible procurement models and strong contract execution, we provide customers with high efficiency, high quality and high value-added procurement services.

Wison's procurement team cooperates with well-known third-party supervision companies to track and supervise the quality and progress of key equipment materials manufacturing. Purchasing information is managed through the whole process equipment material management system of design, material control, procurement, logistics, construction and finance’s seamless connection to ensure efficient, safe and high-quality project delivery and long-term operation.

Wison Engineering has independent import and export rights and favorable bank credit. in addition, with rich knowledge in import and export operations, project logistics management, customs clearance and tax filing, Wison can provide clients with a project package solution for procurement, logistics, import and export.



Procurement Pattern

For different project locations, scale and requirements, Wison Engineering contracts qualified suppliers in the global market through flexible procurement modes such as strategic cooperation, framework agreement and centralized procurement, etc., to provide the best products and value-added services for the clients. 


Strategic Partnership  Wison Engineering engages the industry's leading manufacturers through long-term cooperation agreements, to realize the sharing of resources and benefits as well as access to technical support and capacity priorities. 


Framework Agreement  For general equipment materials, as well as a small number but high frequency purchase materials, Wison Engineering normally locks the price of equipment materials with high price sensitivity through the signing of framework agreements with suppliers.  This enables Wison to effectively control resources and deployment of surplus materials to achieve long-term win-win cooperation with suppliers. 


Centralized Procurement  The core equipment materials in the energy and petrochemical projects involves an extensive  purchase amount and highly professional technical requirements. Wison Engineering has formed a scale advantage through centralized procurement and utilizes the collective wisdom of the expert procurement team to effectively reduce procurement costs and achieve resource integration advantage. 


Site Procurement  For temporary and small-sized equipment materials required for project construction, as well as materials that need urgent procurement on site, Wison Engineering provides flexible and efficient on-site procurement services to meet the project requirements.

Procurement Process

Wison Engineering implements a standardized procurement process, and cooperates with the client, designer, and supplier to complete the delivery of qualified equipment materials required by the project.

Supplier Management

Wison Engineering established a steering committee to oversee the supplier auditing process, including shop visits, supplier surveys, screening reviews, and technical assessment according to evaluation procedures and requirements.  The supplier management is a dynamic and performance-based process that has been implemented in combination with supplier classification. As the result of 20 plus years domestic and international project procurement experience, Wison Engineering has established a solid cooperative relationship with more than 2,000 suppliers in more than 20 countries around the world, and has steadily formed a global supply chain with good resource control and development capabilities. .

Quality and Schedule Control

Wison Engineering has established procurement procedures and management documents to meet project delivery requirements as a basis for guiding project procurement and supplier management. Relying on the experienced team, Wison carefully organizes the supervision and expediting of important project materials, and cooperates with well-known third-party supervision companies to track manufacturing progress and quality.

Software Tools and Platform

With more than 20 years of project procurement experience, Wison Engineering has developed the E-Bidding and online business system, and realized data interconnection and flow among the material management, project management, finance and document management systems.

Case Study

Shanxi Lu’An Mining Group

Project Name:1, 800 KTA integrated high sulfur coal-to-liquid

Contract mode:Gasification unit EPC, Purification unit EM+PC

Client Confidential (North America)

Project Name:Module supply for low density polyethylene project

Contract mode:EPFC