Construction Management

Wison Engineering’s construction management team has gathered outstanding construction technology and management talents from the energy and chemical industry.  They are proficient in project construction, and 85% of them have more than 10 years of project experience. The team participated in formulating 7 national or industry standards, and has rich knowledge in every discipline of construction as well as the project acceptance criteria against industry standard. Wison’s construction management professionals are experienced in planning and optimization to shorten schedule and control cost, and deliver quality projects. Our core strengths are:

•  Successful, efficient, and timely project delivery

•  Full-cycle construction management concept

•  High quality and safety standards construction process management





Construction Process Management

Wison Engineering implements full-cycle management for the construction project scope, including quality, safety, green construction, resources, information, communication and risk, etc.  According to the standard specifications and construction plans, the whole process from planning, construction, inspection and transfer, focuses on controlling the elements of   safety protection, personnel management, equipment and tools, special processes and inspection to ensure the successful commissioning and handover of the project.

Construction Quality Control

In managing all stages of the project, Wison Engineering implements quality control policies that consider project management and project deliverables. By analyzing the client’s quality requirements, Wison establishes quality objectives and management system, implement assurance and inspection plans that meet the project requirements. In parallel, through training and improving subcontractor’s quality management system, Wison seeks continuous improvement during the process.

Contractor Management

Wison Engineering strives for cooperation with its subcontractors from their access, to project execution, and finally evaluation to access the results.  Using the integrated information management platform and granted access, subcontractors are effectively managed throughout project life cycle.

Practical and standardized QHSE requirements are promoted and implemented daily for all personnel on the construction site.

Software tools

Wison Engineering’s PCMS construction management system consists of special pipeline welding construction and on-site material management software system. During the construction execution, real-time monitoring of engineering quantity and work progress is performed , and tracking reports on process piping construction are provided.


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Case Study

CNPC Fushun Petrochemical Co.

Project Name:800 KTA ethylene plant

Contract mode:EM + PC

CNPC Dushanzi Petrochemical Co.

Project Name:9×150 KTA ethylene cracking furnaces project

Contract mode:EM+PC