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Technological Innovation

Innovation Strategy

Wison Engineering is well positioned in the combination of technological development and scale up of new technologies. . We created values for our clients, partners and help win business opportunities by fast industrialization of our technical solutions in the emerging and mature markets:

Strategy Guidance

We believe in the potentials of business growing from continuous technological innovation in future development. Guided by global energy mega trends and China’s strategies and policies in the industry, our strategies will be focused on green chemicals process and clean energy.

Technology Integration

We strive to build a global technological cooperation ecosystem by promoting the combination of independent innovation and technology integration by deploying innovations in refinery, coal chemicals and new energy areas.

Chemical Process R&D and New Technology Industrialization

Integration of powerful capabilities of new-tech process R&D with rich experiences in industrializing new innovations creates more values to our clients in the areas of technology integration, energy saving and carbon reduction.

Technical Solutions

Wison Engineering offers sets of green technological solutions in energy consumption reduction, environmental protection, and competitiveness improvement for the chemical and refining industries.

Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Butene-to-Butadiene (ODH) Technology

“Pre-cut & Oil absorption” MTO Olefin Separation Technology

Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Butene-to-Butadiene (ODH) Technology

Bottom-Quench Gasification (Dry-feed) Technology

Methanol/DME to Ethanol Technology

Syngas to Ethylene Glycol (EG) Technology

Wison Methanol-to-Olefin Technology

New SNG Technology (VESTA)

C5C6 Isomerization Technology

Propane & DMW Separation Technology

Coal/Natural Gas to Methanol Plant Energy-saving Technology

Methanol Heat Pump Distillation Technology

Featured Projects / Pilot Projects of Technologies Licensing

Commercial Projects

Pilot Projects

Nanjing Chengzhi Yongqing Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
100 KTA Butadiene Plant
Nanjing Chengzhi Yongqing Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
600 KTA MTO Plant
Shandong Yangmei Hengtong Chemical Co., Ltd.
300 KTA MTO Plant
VESTA SNG Pilot Plant
Hydrogenation of Ethylene Carbonate to Ethylene Glycol and Methanol Pilot Plant