Engineering and Design

Wison Engineering has nearly 800 engineers, including national design masters and nearly 200 senior engineers, forming a team of experts in petrochemical, petroleum refining, coal chemical and organic chemical fields headed by design masters, chief scientists and product technology leaders. Wison Engineering can provide engineering consultation and master planning, engineering design services at different stages, such as process package design, basic design, FEED and detailed design, has successfully delivered 350 + projects spanning in the fields such as petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas chemical, biochemical, fine chemical, petroleum refining, surface oil and gas treatment, light textile, public works, long-distance pipeline and municipal construction, etc..

Wison Engineering has strong engineering design capabilities and experience, and has deep cooperation with many of the world's top patent companies, and has achieved excellent results, including Honeywell UOP, CLARIANT, CHEVRON, SHELL, BASF, TOPSOE, BP, KBR, TECHNIP Foster Wheeler and other technical patent partners.

Wison Engineering has a complete engineering & design execution system with advanced design tools, including design management system, engineering regulations, operation guidance documents, design standards, work templates, various advanced design software, digital design platform, module design platform, etc., which can ensure the orderly, reasonable and controllable design process, and accurate and timely delivery of design drawings to maximize customer satisfaction. In the process of design execution, HAZOP, SIL, Value Engineering (VE) are effectively evaluated to ensure the intrinsic safety of engineering design process and to gain more value for clients.

Process Engineering

Wison Engineering has a team of professional experts with rich engineering design experience. Based on a deep understanding of energy and chemical equipment, the core technology is optimized and continuously improved to maintain the competitive advantage of technology. At present, Wison Engineering has successfully completed engineering applications for a number of new technologies in the petrochemical and coal chemical industries. 

Digital Design

Digital design is an important part of Wison's engineering design capability. Since 2013, digital design has been implemented on the project, and the design data integration platform has been built according to the requirements of project design. The engineering design objects are stored in data form for Collaborative Design. On the original software platform, Wison Engineering carried out secondary development, and improved its deficiencies in tools, condition tables, data import, and seed file customization, effectively solved the communication and coordination among different disciplines, and guaranteed their data transmission and interaction. The platform can realize design coordination, automatic data verification and synchronization update, multi-discipline modeling, one-click plotting and other functions. At present, Wison’s industry-leading digital integrated design capability has been widely used in domestic and overseas projects.

Modular Design

Modular design is also an important part of Wison Engineering design capability. Wison has an experienced modular design team with well-established modular design process and procedures and is able to provide feasibility study, basic design, FEED and detailed design work for large and medium sized modular project in line with domestic and international standards along with various working conditions such as sea & land transportation, hoisting etc.

Relying on the cost-effective Chinese supply chain system widely recognized by international customers, Wison Engineering combines modular design with digital design to achieve layout drawings that can be extracted directly from the three-dimensional model where clients can confirm directly through Cloud3D to reduce later modifications.  Design models can be directly imported into manufacturing models to carry out modular design and manufacturing integration. With the well-established modular construction facilities of Wison Offshore Engineering Zhoushan and Nantong fabrication yards, the design model is transformed into high-quality and high-standard plug-and-play modular products. At the same time, our services integrate global transportation resources and provide end-to-end services. In addition, we can also provide pre-commissioning in the base according to client needs, to maximize cost savings and improve the profitability, and provide a more competitive integrated solution for energy infrastructure construction.

Engineering Execution Capability for Overseas Projects

Wison Engineering has rich experience in overseas project execution, and our people are from well-known Chinese and international engineering companies. Based on standardization, technology engineering, digitalization, modularization and other dimensions, Wison has established a complete international design and execution system which has been continuously applied in international projects delivery thus improving the efficiency and quality of project implementation to provide reliable engineering services for international clients.

Case Study

Guangsha (Zhoushan) Energy Group

Project Name:Huangzeshan oil product storage & handing project

Contract mode:E

Zhejiang Dushan Energy Co., Ltd

Project Name:2×2,500 KTA PTA project

Contract mode:E