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Markets and Sectors


Wison Engineering started its business by providing engineering services to ethylene complexes and its downstream production units, then has gradually expanded upstream. Wison now has the capacity to provide high quality engineering solutions for worldwide clients in multiple petrochemical sectors.

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Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

9×200 KTA ethylene cracking furnaces project

Contract mode:PC

CNPC Fushun Petrochemical Co.

800 KTA ethylene plant

Contract mode:EM + PC

Syngas Chemical

Wison Engineering started coal-to-chemicals projects from coal-to-syngas and coal-to-methanol projects, and later expanded to methanol-to-olefin (MTO). We now offer full technology and services in coal gasification, coal-to-SNG, coal-to-liquid, coal-to-methanol, and coal-to-olefin. Our services include feasibility studies, project proposals, engineering & design, project management to start-up and operation services.

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Nanjing Chengzhi Clean Energy Co., Ltd.

600 KTA MTO plant, 300 KTA MTO plant

Contract mode:PDP+EPC, E+PCM

Yangmei Hengtong Chemical Co., Ltd.

300 KTA MTO plant

Contract mode:EPC

Shanxi Lu’An Mining Group

1, 800 KTA integrated high sulfur coal-to-liquid, Demonstration project

Contract mode:Gasification unit EPC, Purification unit EPC


Wison Engineering is experienced in executing large-scale refining projects in China and overseas through flexible contract models, such as: EPC, PC and PMC.

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CNPC Dalian Petrochemical Co.

6,000 KTA diesel hydrogenation project

Contract mode:PMC

Shanxi Lu’An Mining Group

Shanxi Lu'an 600 KTA Reduction Isomerization Dewaxing Oil Project

Contract mode:EPC

CNPC Sichuan Petrochemical Co.

Utility facility for 1, 000 MTA refinery + 800 KTA ethylene grass-roots project

Contract mode:EM+PC

LNG & Power

Wison Engineering offers full chain LNG Solution & EPC Service.

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Central Processing Facility

In order to meet the needs of customers, Wison engineering extends its services from the existing refining  sector to Oilfield Surface Engineering, it mainly includes wellpad, flowline, OGM, metering, trunkline, CPF, pipeline, condensate, condnsate & associated gas treatment and production water treatment.

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