Project Management

Wison Engineering is China's leading energy and chemical EPC contractor with global project delivery capabilities, extensive project delivery capabilities and experienced professionals. Supported by advanced project management tools, processes and project management systems, our services are consistently carried out in accordance with the best practices. According to the clients’ needs, Wison Engineering can provide project management services in a variety of service formats, including EPC general contracting, PMC project management and joint project management team IPMT with the owners.

QHSE management

Wison Engineering’s project quality management includes establishment of quality assurance system covering the whole process of design, procurement and construction, implementation with its corresponding procedure and policies. The development of project quality plan, inspection test plan, and allocation of qualified personnel for quality, control, along with inspection and document management, and regular training to implement quality requirements into daily work ensures quality management.

Project Risk Management

Wison Engineering has extensive experience in EPC project delivery and project risk control at home and abroad. The project risk identification starts from the project start-up phase, followed by collaborative management during project implementation, which allows Wison to identify, analyze and respond to project risks throughout the process. Through the identification of the risk levels at different execution stages and work areas, professional software is used to conduct quantitative risk analysis, thereby confirming the risk response measures and responsible persons, and tracking and evaluating the risk response results.

Project Schedule management

Wison Engineering ‘s schedule management is carried out by experienced project control personnel, using scientific methods to determine progress targets, to prepare schedules and resource supply plans, and conducti schedule control. Based on coordination with quality, cost and safety objectives, we allocate resources rationally, carry out dynamic and whole process management according to the change of conditions in the project implementation project, and achieve the schedule target.

Commissioning & Start-up

Wison Engineering has experts in technology, equipment and instruments from large domestic chemical bases. We can better plan the connection between construction and production, accurately grasp the management requirements of design, procurement and construction, and provide clients commissioning services to ensure successful start-up. At the same time, our team can also run staff training for commissioning and maintenance to ensure the smooth plant operation, and provide value-added services to clients.

Project Information Management

Wison Engineering’s project information management is based on its own proprietary project management platform combining document storage, design, materials, schedule and other management software. Wison can collect various scenarios, information, documents and records involved in the project implementation process in order to provide comprehensive, timely and accurate project information for decision makers at all levels of the project.

Case Study

CNPC Dalian Petrochemical Co.

Project Name:10,000 KTA refinery project

Contract mode:PMC

Shanxi Lu’An Mining Group

Project Name:Shanxi Lu'an 600 KTA reduction isomerization dewaxing oil Project

Contract mode:EPC